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VoIP Competency
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Our competence in VoIP comes from working with SOHO, Enterprise and Carrier grade VoIP products and solutions by extensively participating in Design, Development and Testing.

a Carrier VoIP
  • IMS Networking Elements
  • Hosted VoIP Solutions
  • Session Border Controller
  • Application Level Gateways
  • FMC Applications
a Enterprise VoIP
  • Asterisk based solutions
  • IP PBX
  • Media server
  • SIP terminals
          Soft Phones/ATA / VoIP Phone / Video Phone/FMC Clients
a Converged Applications
  • Unified communications solutions
  • Interactive Voice Response Applications
  • Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) Applications
  • Contact Center Applications
  • OSS and Billing Applications
a Application Frameworks
  • Parley
  • VXML
a Audio and Video Codes

Competency Snapshot

a Design and Development of IP-PBX
  • Call Processing Application
  • Call features implementation
  • Productivity enhancement applications
a IP Phone application design and development
a UMA based phone development
a VoIP test tools development
a User interface design for configuring an unified communications solution
a UMA Solution Testing
a SIP Based PBX Product testing automation
a SIP Endpoints testing and automation
a SIP Stack testing and automation

Technical Skill Matrix

PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc.    Protocols
        SIP, H.323, MEGACO,MGCP, RTP, ISDN
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc.    Programming
        Object Oriented Analysis and Design OOPS C/C++,
        Java, VC++, PL/SQL
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