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Embedded Systems
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PrimeSoft specializes in embedded software design, development, testing and automation for CPE’s (Customer Premises Equipment), Networking equipment, and Mobile devices.

Our competence in embedded systems includes working with

a Device Drivers and Hardware diagnostics
a Embedded Applications
a Software Porting
a Firmware

Operating systems we specialize in are Linux (MontaVista, uClinux, Windriver), Windows CE, on MIPS, AMD and Intel Hardware.

Competency Snapshot

  • Boot-loaders design and development
  • Board support packages development
  • Diagnostics package development to test embedded systems boards
  • Development of device drivers for on-board peripherals like I/O interfaces, User Interface devices ( LCD, LED, Keypad), Audio interfaces, Volatile and non-volatile memory interface, Network adapters, UART.
  • Protocol stacks development and integration
  • Embedded Graphical user interface development
  • Embedded application development
  • Developing applications to test and benchmark hardware components such as processors
  • Testing embedded operating systems implementations
  • Developing test plans for embedded systems applications
  • Manual testing of embedded systems based applications

Technical Skill Matrix

PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Operating Systems
  Linux & UNIX, Redhat, Ubuntu Linux, VxWorks, QNX, pSOS, ucLinux
Windows 2003 User & Kernel Mode Development, Device Driver
WinCE, Windows Mobile 5.0
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Hardware
  MIPS, Intel, PowerPC
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Programming
  C/C++ VC++, Assembly
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