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Networking and Security
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Our competence in Data Networking comes from working with SOHO, Enterprise and Carrier grade data networking products and solutions by extensively participating in Design, Development and Testing.

PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Broadband Technologies
  • PPPoE Implementation
  • IP and Application Layer protocols Implementation
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Network Management
  • SNMP Agent
  • Element Management System
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Routing and Switching
  • Protocol Implementation
  • L2 and L3 based protocols
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Network Security
  • SSL and IPSec VPN
  • Firewalls
  • Accounting Authentication and Authorization
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. QoS and DPI
  • QoS Implementation
  • DPI Implementation
  • ACL Implementation
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Protocol Data Interworking
  • 3GPP2 based PDIF and PDG

Competency Snapshot

  • Design and Development of software components for networking and security based products
  • Control plane software development
  • Sustenance, Continuous Engineering and Enhancements of existing products
  • Networking Protocol stacks integration
  • Application Layer Protocol Stacks Development and Integration
  • Routing and Switching software development
  • IP Protocols Development
  • Billing and CDR Modules development
  • SNMP based Agent development for Networking Devices
  • Network/Element Management Systems
  • CLI Toolkit Development
  • Software development to perform hardware benchmarking
  • Developing Test Strategy to test Carrier Grade Data and Security Products
  • Developing Test Plans and Test cases to test product functionalities
  • Protocol conformance testing
  • Manual testing through multiple release cycles
  • Carrier grade operating system testing
  • Interop testing
  • Automation Framework Design and Development
  • Automation Framework Sustenance and Enhancements
  • Automated scripts development
  • Specialized scripts development to perform automated system, load and performance tests

Technical Skill Matrix

PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Data Communication Protocols
  TCP/IP Suite of Protocols, IPv4, IPv6
AAA, Radius, Diameter, Change of Authorization
Routing Protocols: RIP, OSPF, VRRP, IS-IS
Security Protocols: IPSec, IKE v1/v2
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc.

Scripting Languages

  TCL/TK, Python, Perl, Expect, Shell Scripting, CCXML, VxML
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Test Tools
  SmartBits, IXIA, HPING, SilverCreek
Empirix Hammer, Abacus, T1/E1 Simulators, MGTS
HP WinRunner, LoadRunner, Quality Director
PrimeSoft Solutions, Inc. Other Tools
MS Project
Tornado IDE, GDB, Visual Studio
Bugzilla, Visual Source Safe, CVS
IBM Rational Rose RT, Purify, Clearcase, Clearquest
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